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Modern, with a touch of retro. Current, but classic. Off The Rekord Band covers all the great classic dance artists, combined with the hottest dance music of today. They recreate popular music with their own fresh, funky groove that never stops. This killer band weaves in and out of genres, decades and musical styles smoothly, keeping dance floors packed and simultaneously engaging all generations. Looking for a killer wedding band? A party band for your event? Hire Off The Rekord and your party will be off the charts.

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Off The Rekord is constantly updating and tweaking their song list to achieve the desired results. Please keep in mind that all song lists are subject to change at all times. Additionally, we try to keep the song lists on our website limited to commonly played material. The represented lists may not be the entire catalog of the band.

* Note this is a sample song list designed to show the style and range of music the band typically performs. The band is NOT LIMITED to the selections listed. Feel free to  inquire if you have a specific song request that is not listed.

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